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The programme comprises seven modules and a specially developed self-assessment tool that every delegate will complete.

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The modules can be delivered sequentially, individually, as an intensive block or spread over weeks or even months. The programme can be adapted to suit the needs of any client or group of individuals.

In addition there will be a range of support items from stationery to room banners available from our website.

Module 1 — Dreamers of the day

An introduction to leaders and leadership, who they are and who they aren’t; how it’s done, and how it isn’t.

    Module 2 — Honesty & Ambition

    We set about slaying some sacred cows. By freeing leaders from the bullsh*t that surrounds the subject of visions, purposes and values we begin to understand the fundamental building blocks of effective leadership.

    Module 3 — The Leadership Equation

    We introduce the two most important words a leader must remember: Clarity & Action. And the relationship between them as expressed in the leadership equation.

    Module 4 — Culture: The leader’s superpower

    Understand what culture is, why it matters and the leader’s role in its creation

    Module 5 — Being followed

    Understanding great teams and how leaders build them.

    Module 6 — Leading yourself

    To help your team succeed, you must learn to look after yourself

    Module 7 — Leading change

    A ten point programme for leading change 

    The Leadership
    Impact Self-
    Assessment tool

    Before beginning the programme, every delegate will complete our bespoke self-assessment questionnaire. Based on the principles of the Leadership Equation they will discover their own areas of strength and areas of development. They will also be introduced to the crucial importance of action and its central role in their success as a leader.

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