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Five reasons why we’re different…

“We need more, better leaders everywhere, from our hospitals and schools, to our businesses and government.”

No Bullsh*t Leadership

Yet much of what we’re told (and sold) is simply snake-oil that inhibits those already in leadership positions from fulfilling their potential, and worse, excludes whole swathes of society from believing that leadership is something they can aspire to.


Based on the award-winning No.1 best-seller

No Bullsh*t Leadership has been at the top of the UK sales charts for over 18 months and in 2020 was named Business Book of the Year.

It is nothing less than a revolution in the understanding and practise of leadership. No guff, no unworkable theories, it cuts to the heart of modern leadership and has already inspired thousands to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Now we have created a comprehensive training programme based on the book’s unique leadership approach and are inviting training professionals to become accredited partners to help spread the word.


Leadership is the problem. And the only solution.

If you explore the challenges your team or your organisation faces (and all have them) you will discover that at their heart the problems always resolve to those of leadership. And the only solution? Better leadership.

Great leadership is the only sure way to build enduring teams that out-perform. And great leaders beget great leaders. If you want to stand out and stand apart – and you share our passion for the transformative power of great leadership – we’d love to hear from you.

We don’t just want to help you develop better leaders. We want to help you find, develop and inspire great, transformational leaders.


Much of what you are sold is snake-oil

Leadership is difficult but not complicated and one of the greatest fallacies that surrounds the subject is that it is some secret knowledge available only to a chosen few. We believe that anybody can lead, but most leadership training is a box ticking exercise, low on ambition and long on guff.

We are the opposite; the antidote to the tired training programmes wheeled out by faceless corporates.

We’re passionate about the transformative power of leadership. Our ambition is to supercharge those already in leadership positions and inspire those who are yet to believe leadership is something they can aspire to and gain personal fulfilment from.


We are as ambitious as you are

We’re really ambitious.

Leadership isn’t just a different role – it is the role in all organisations, in teams big and small, that makes the difference.

We believe better is incremental and best is transformational. We want to be the best and we’ll do that by helping you transform.

That said, we definitely don’t have all the answers; we want to grow and learn with our clients.

If you’re ambitious, dissatisfied with the status quo and want your organisation to learn, develop and grow, then we can’t wait to meet you.


We are a community of quality not quantity

We believe in teams and that diverse teams out-perform. Our community of individually chosen practitioners will help us and each other to grow, learn and thrive.

No Bullsh*t Leadership isn’t a static snapshot in time, but a living, breathing programme. We want to build a community that can support and help us, each other, you. And of course most importantly the delegates who we meet and whose lives we aim to transform.

No Bullsh*t Leadership

How we work

We build our solutions around your needs, but have two basic models:

1. Accredited Practitioners
– You can choose from one of our own hand-picked and trained Accredited Practitioners.


2. We train you
– We can train members of your own L&D Team (or whoever you decide) to become an accredited trainer. And you can deliver the programme(s) yourselves.
– Depending on your requirements we can even develop bespoke programmes to suit your needs.

What next?

If you’re impatient for real change and to make things happen, then we’d love to hear from you.